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About Us

About us

Somerco was founded 1 June 2010. It has a heritage of connecting scientists, engineers, innovators and investors to achieve greater results. 

Somerco organise blockchain technology and investorshows. At these trade fairs you can meet exhibitors, see seminars and companies pitch for investment. The shows are live streamed on channels from exhibition, ICO stage, seminar room and panel discussion. 

Our mission

Helping geniuses as you. We believe it is best done by building the community in our industry sector.  We share networks that create leads you can use to close sales or raise funds. 


Who should attend

  • Startup/scaleup founders
  • SME executives
  • Business leaders in tech
  • Tech influencers
  • Investors
  • Global tech giants
  • F500 enterprises


No upcoming events.

Blockchainshift + Cryptoblockchain1000 in Miami, USa


Merge of Cryptoblockchain1000 & Blockchainshift

New date 11-12th Oct.

The organisers of the Cryptoblockchain1000 show 29-30th Oct and the organisers of Blockchainshift 11-12th Oct has been in contact for some time and discussed about merging the two shows and get a more diverse and better show. We have now agreed to do so.  Blockchainshift can as local organisers use its tentacles in the local community bring in visitors and local politicians. Somerco that is based in UK and owns the Cryptoblockchain1000 shows has an international reach we add-on to the show as co-organisers. Attached to Somercos shows we have 11 000+ international investors that we can live stream too so these can invest in companies. All speakers from Cryptoblockchain1000show has been invited to be part of the show 11-12th Oct. Somerco are dedicated to host shows in Florida twice a year and are looking into do another in 6-7 months. Probably, Miami or Orlando. With this year's Blockchainshift we would then be part of two shows in Florida.  https://www.blockchainshift.io  


Somerco Blockchain Shows

The Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. Tokens. ICO’s are buzzwords with substance. All part of a shift in how we do trade, run our businesses and govern society. The blockchain is applied to all industry sectors, new multi - millionaires in Bitcoin and more are created in other cryptocurrencies and among token users, ICOs help companies raise millions and gain a competitive advantage. With EOS $4 billion token raise it is record breaking and we likely see a few others up in the billions soon. All together, it is an unprecedented change of event in history affecting every part of the globe in a pace mankind has not experienced before. Join our current network of investors, traders and entrepreneurs.

What's on for DELEGATES?

  • Workshops on Crypto/Blockchain/ICO/Tokens/Tech
  • Free seminars to attend during the show
  • Exhibitors for cryptotraders/ICOs/Blockchain companies for B2B & B2C/Investors
  • ICO room open for you to listen to companies doing a token offering
  • Meet Youtubers and podcasters interested in the crypto space
  • Free work area. So bring your laptop and mix your inhouse work with business networking.
  • Cryptocafe for delegates to meet and relax and do business

It is a show packed with interesting insights and new connections to be made.

ICO Central

See the new token economy and how it changed the funding climate for companies. Crypto traders has fuelled this movement and it is now becoming common for business angels, VCs, Hedge Funds to participate in token offerings from companies that will be building the web 3.0. 

ICO Central is a dedicated presentation room for ICO’s – book 30 minutes of time and present your ICO to the investors. ICO Central comes fully-equipped with staging, AV, lectern and screen. Inclusion with ICO Central ensure details of the ICO are carried on the website in advance, and re-published within the hard copy Event Guide (you can book an enhanced listing if required). An excellent opportunity to present your ICO to an audience of investors. 

DOWNLOAD documents from our webpage to learn more. See under headline download.   


Established brands generate much leads from their websites. Second and for new brands exhibitions generate more sales leads than any other sales tool, they also close sales effectively, help maximise your future pipeline and speed up the sales process. Even in the Internet age, when information is easier to come by, you’re more likely to secure a deal face-to-face at an exhibition.The main reasons to exhibit at Somerco Blockchain Shows. 

  • Meet current and new potential customers, crypto investors and traders 
  • Build your own database of new clients from the companies and persons you meet 
  • Network with other exhibitors, gain valuable market intelligence and build your brand
  • Get international reach with our live streams to those not there

DOWNLOAD documents from our webpage to learn more. See under headline download.  


Sponsorship at Somerco Blockchain shows allows you to reach a specifically targeted niche market without any waste. In addition, as a powerful complement to other marketing programs, sponsorship can have a dramatic influence on customer relations.

You meet leading blockchain influencers important for your future success. 

Gain insight in whats up among industry leaders and visionaries.

Be a brand part of a technology that will affect all industry sectors and be associated to the thought leaders and innovative companies.

DOWNLOAD documents from our webpage to learn more. See under headline download.   


London Cryptocurrency Show 6th April 2019

Exhibiting at the London CryptoCurrency Show puts your business face-to-face with the industry. Delegates to the event will include active private investors who are seeking more information on cryptocurrencies and the latest ICO's; both private and institutional traders who are also interested in meeting companies and spotting good trading opportunities as well as networking with the crypto industry in London. A chance to meet and talk to over 2000 delegates on the day, collect valuable leads for follow-up after the event and raise awareness of your business and network with the crypto industry. https://www.londoncryptocurrencyshow.com 

Somerco Blockchainshow in Lisbon (Date to be confirmed)

What can beat Lisbon when it comes to mix business and a rich historic culture with great wine and food? Learn why Portugal is gaining attention among people in crypto.

Somerco Blockchainshow in Orlando (Date to be confirmed)

What can beat Orlando when it comes to mix business and entertainment with great weather? It has Disney, Universal Studios, shops, restaurants and nice bars. 


LCCS_Exhibitor Information (pdf)


Sponsor the creche at the London CryptoCurrency Show (pdf)


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