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Somerco blockathon - industry Microbreweries

 Thank you to all visiting the blockathon 23-24th Feb 2019.

Speakers and judges

Paul Gordon - Co-founder at Quantave // Founder of Coinscrum [est. 2012], Former derivatives trader based in London. Deep Bitcoin thinker.  

Steffen Altenburg Blockchain enthusiast since 2011; Investor & R&D consultant; Project & Marketing Management 

Susana Esteban - S. Esteban & Partners. Blockchain Strategist & advisor. Focus on investment opportunities related to blockchain. Member of GBV, OXBC 

Thomas Hulse Senior Consultant @ Fifth9 Digital Emerging Technology Senior Consultant | Blockchain | Robotic Process Automation | Innovation Strategy

Chloe Diamond - Director of Media at Sea Foam Media, a blockchain, ICO and STO agency based in San Fransisco. Founder VRt art to children using VR.

Ibrahim Alkurd CEO New Mine | President Lavaliere Capital Management focuses on trading digital assets. focused on Innately, a genome mapping project.

Joseph E. Ikhalia, Ph.D. IT Security Manager of Quanta Technology, the first fully licensed blockchain lottery in the world.

Nassim Bouslama Ambassador Hycon. A background in Computer science, CISCO networking, early crypto miner, trader, Blockchain & Tech enthusiast.

Rebecca Wald The product owner of a blockchain-based system for medication management and most recently founded my own e-health start-up - LenusChain.

Maxwell  Stanley Currently writing a paper on a Behavioural Insights approach to Blockchain projects Representative The British Blockchain Association

Anna Poberezhna Founder of Smart4tech. Strategic & innovation expert on the impact business, Sustainable Development Goals, blockchain & green finance

Alex Apeldoorn Thought leader for emergent technology (Blockchain, AI & sustainable tech), entrepreneurship & application of disruptive technology.

Andrei Baloiu Full Stack Developer & Blockchain @ Verv. Head of research in blockhain technologies, building the company's trading blockchain platform

Florian Bollen, seasoned entrepreneur & CEO of the Craft Coin Company - a beer republic built on blockchain to catapult the global craft beer movement










tHank you 2018!



The organisers of the Cryptoblockchain1000 show and the organisers of Blockchainshift merged the two shows to get a more diverse and better show.  Blockchainshift can as local organisers use its tentacles in the local community bring in visitors and local politicians. Somerco that is based in UK has an international reach we add-on to the show as co-organisers. Somerco are dedicated to host shows in Florida twice a year and are looking into do another in 2019. With this year's Blockchainshift we would then be part of two shows in Florida. 

Thanks for an awesome show!

London Cryptocurrency show

The London CryptoCurrency Show is created to fill a knowledge-gap for existing traders and investors who could be interested in this area and want to learn more. Bringing together both trusted and recognised speaker from the London Investor and London Forex Shows, as well as new specialists in the cryptocurrency industry, the London CryptoCurrency Show aims to provide delegates with valuable access to reliable information on this fastmoving industry.